??Chez Rita Création??

Rita Cazergues, is a sewer since her 19 years old, she has learned by courses online, twice a week in Guaxupé, her hometown in Brazil. Her course was about cutting and basic sewing, it was her primary knowledge.

She has studied Accounting and worked as a saleswoman, also a seller in the area of Human Resources. In 2000 she got married to a French from Toulouse after they went to live in Buenos Aires, one day her husband announced that they were going to live in Africa, Angola, specifically Luanda.

She would never imagine that she would fall in love with famous Wax, colorful African tissues, she found a Congolese couturier that ran away from Congo he didn’t have work but, with her good heart she gave him a place in her house and bought a machine so he could start working. He made her first dress for a wedding, she remembers it like it was yesterday, this dress had success. His work was for one year, many clothes were sewed by him.

Unfortunately, she had to go settle down in Congo, when she arrived in Kinshasa and saw all these colorful fabrics, the stores, the port between Kinshasa and Brazzaville was dazzled, her eyes got filled with charm.
She loves to help people and never had the intention to take the place of the Congolese, she saw that she had a lot of work, then she thought why not to teach her knowledge?! obviously for to those  who are interested in learning. Her intention was always to cooperate together, she has also learned a lot.

Rita’s friend asked her if she could make her a dress like Rita’s and she agreed but in a different color because the friend had a lighter skin, she loved the idea, it was beautiful the dress, indeed. As soon as her friends saw this dress they began to come, a lot of customers, my kids friends Mother’s…  the Congolese women told Rita that they loved how she could mix the colors and that was fashionable.

The thing grew that one day she thought to herself why not find some other fashion designer so she could teach different things, modern, simple, for example, European, Brazilian that is also very colorful. You can perfectly do with African tissues.

Working there was not easy because sometimes we have difficulties, such as the language, cultural differences, different styles, the Congolese fashion, or Africa, in general, tells the story of the African people, the colors, the glitters, different styles, for example the African women’s clothing is based on clothes or sarongs winding the body to look like dresses. It is a beautiful fabric whose patronage and finishes are recognized worldwide. Africans, more than anyone, talk through their clothes. My customers rely on Business Women, hotels decoration, parties and even weddings.

She went back to Angola for 10 years, she was very known, even organized a catwalk show at the French School.


About the team, we are 5, I am the one who draws the style and there are 4 sewers, we keep on learning about new trends, how to save tissue, repairing clothes for the customers.

Today, my hope is to be able to exchange the cultural differences between both countries. My tips are work, learn, teach, be open to an adventure but first, always to please people because this is my motivation, every single day.




? For Women’s Day I asked her to make a dress for mother and daughter ?



She’s very friendly and adorable person, she dedicates herself 100% on her work.


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