Maria Irene Bwiti de Souza, born and raised in Congo is the owner of B’LINGO, since her young age she has been seduced by fashion and style and she took the best part of Congolese and Portuguese. She has studied in Congo, France and Germany, she was lucky to learn different cultures, languages… and today she lives between Lisbon and Kinshasa.

Since the beginning of 2000, she started with tailoring african clothes for the most important women in the country with the help of gifted couturiers and it’s how everything began.

She has brought a light from Congo to the World : BOLINGO which means LOVE in lingala, the official language of Kinshasa. It’s an African Inspiration not only for African women but for the World as well, if you believe in something just go for it, like she did.

B’lingo aims to become a global benchmark in fitness wear, swimear and other accessories like bags, dresses… for the modern, emancipated and active women. The brand summons the heart of Africa, the cradle of humanity. It’s lines are beautiful, fluid, attractive colors without being nosy, just by looking them you can feel it’s strength.


She hopes to launch the B’Lingo Foundation after launching B’Lingo, because, the brand will feed the Foundation and later she wants the collaboration with other organizations to help the small girls  who are living in the neighbourhood, starting in Kinshasa and expand all over the world.

Maria has the objectif of promoting one african sport “Nzango”, is a local traditional playground dancing game. Practiced and played mainly by women for fun, the sport is a mixture of dance, singing, gymnatics and choreography performed in an energetic way, it was demonstrated at the 2015 All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville. She encourage congolese women to have hobbies and let the World know about this game and why not maybe one day make part of the Olympics.


The Foundation will also offer multimedia Libraries for free and offer scholarships for the young people.

As a woman, mother, wife but first of all, Human , I hope we can give each others hands to help the ones in need.

Bilamba oyo eza kitoko penza! This just came from me and yes! We are both Congolese! This sentence just means “This clothes are really astonishing”. If I were you I would click the link and check the collection!

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