Today it’s one of those days that I wished I could go back in time, by having mom preparing the coffee machine and to stare at her preparing the menu every single night for the day after, when I used to wake up so early and have for breakfast the Rice Krispie from Kelloggs and used to put sugar in it, when mama used to make me a cup with a little bit of American coffee and milk, when Dad would sit a bit just to have his coffee before he goes to work and kiss our front head, when my mum would put perfume and leave the house smell like her, having our made Marie would make us feel safe, having home made pizzas by Marie was a smile on our faces, and the souvenirs list is long …

I am sharing a personal detail with you, all of us have a Past, and sometimes we want to live those moments again just to forget how life has become. I wished my life could be about sharing toys, reading fairy tales, watching every Disney movie and to eat White Oats (Quaker), having cousins home, having all brothers and sisters united, for me, that would be a perfect life, however, no one has taught me how life could change. Now, I am living again those moments thankfully to my children and I can see a part of myself in them, childhood.

Dad, would you take us once again to sit on your knees?

Mum, can you make that wonderful coffee one more time?

Sisters and brothers, can we all play again together at being doctors, teachers? 

Life is unpredictable, you don’t know what can happen.

A Family is important, without, we are empty. Always grab the opportunity to enjoy every single minute or day with yours, don’t leave for after what you can do today.

Love my Family

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