Fauchon & Kusmi Tea

Fauchon, founded in 1886 in Paris, is a French gourmet food and is considered a major reference in contemporary French gourmet foods, and has 76 outlets in around twenty countries in 2016.

Kusmi Tea, a tea company based in France. It was founded in 1867 in St. Petersburg, Russia by Pavel M. Kousmichoff, and moved to France after the Russian Revolution. It has since changed hands several times. The company produces a wide range of green and black teas, many of which are flavored.

I went today at Charcutaria Moy, in PrĂ­ncipe Real, they offer universally renowned gourmet brands, including, among others, pasta, cookies, spices, olive oil, and cheese.

I had my black tea with a rock candy, a stick with brown or white sugar on it, it was lusciously amazing.


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