Dear friday 💁🏻

Hello everyone, hope all of you reading this post are going well. Well, it’s been quite a moment that I do not post anything on my blog, I have been super busy with kids, home, and a project to be announced very soon.

There are days, that I do not feel like going out or even to brush my hair (just kidding), I love my bed so much in those days 🙈.

How do you spend your rest day? or spare time? Do you try to enjoy with family? A friend that you do not see for a long time?

I think we should all take a little time for us, I did that today. I went to have some manicure/pedicure and give my hair a treatment called, Botox, for those who don’t know it’s much different from keratin. Actually, it’s a treatment to boost your hair’s health, it acts as a deep conditioning treatment which restores the damaged hair by turning it healthy and shiny by filling in split ends and hair fibers. The Keratin has more of a straightening effect and it’s toxic.

If you have a curly hair, the Botox strengthens your hair and will leave it smooth, but if you have curly hair it will not straighten it completely. It may not straighten curly hair, but it can give a delightful wavy effect which can look wonderful.

To finish, I feel much better. For the last days, I have been trying to wear different colors and styles. Zara has a nice Pre-Fall 17 collection like the blouse that I wore today ✨.

Zara 19,95€



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