The ring, what does it mean to you?

Hello, everyone!

It’s been so long!!! I have missed writing…

So, what does it mean? love? a bond? a vow that should remain forever? I have a lot of questions, that may not be answered today… but, I would like you to share with me, your thoughts.

It seems that this tiny metal circle means a lot, like 500 years ago for the Egyptians, men would give to women as a symbol of immortal love that would last for eternity, they believed in the afterlife.

Roman, would create rings from more expensive materials which would last longer, such as bone or leather, but lately, the material changed to iron. For them, the ring was a symbol of authority and control over another person.

Nowadays, the value of this symbol as changed so much. I do not believe that the union of two people should depend on the ring or on the value of it.

The most important thing is how the other person makes you feel and if you are willing to pass the rest of your life with this same person, no matter what.

Love is a strong word, love is a strong feeling that could make the whole world shake.

Would you say yes to this symbol?


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