Chunky Dress

Another day at home, with this cold weather who likes to go out? Actually, I wouldn’t mind going to a coffee shop or eat some chestnuts. There is a very good chestnut seller in front of Colombo Mall, you can have 6 chestnuts for 2,50€ or 12 for 5€.

I always try to enjoy this weather to work on the blog or research the “how to increase Instagram’s audience” or how to master the flat lay photo…

On Monday, I have an exam and I have been busy making exercises and studying, after that, I promise to work on my blog and Instagram.

Since I came back from Italy, I feel very tired, I think I’m still recovering from the 13 days there 😫.

Have to go back to study… Wish you all a very good weekend 💋.


He helps me not to stress out ♥

P.S: If I do not post anything on Monday, for sure that I am dead 😱

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