About me

Hey! I’m Diana and here’s a short description of me; I am originally Portuguese but, I was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am married and have three beautiful children: Luca, Noah, and Lena.

The marriage and the fact of having children reinforced my passion for the kitchen which is now, a space where I spend most of my time exploring a little bit of everything. For me, love is the main ingredient, it makes everything much more delicious and my kids know that! Cooking for me is an exploration of flavors, mathematics, a fusion of chemistry and the fact is that I have sunny and rainy days in my space but, that is just part of learning!

My passion for the kitchen started with my husband in 2010 who has always loved my food, has taught me to gain trust in my cooking skills and he is the one who knows me the most! When I look back, I see a long road from where I came but today, I am astonished by the progress and I couldn’t be more thankful to have him as a husband, partner, and friend! Our three little mice are very good judges and helpers!

During my childhood, my older sister used to give me tasks in the kitchen and taught me the basic techniques like how to make chantilly, beat eggs, etc,…she used to make this delightful kind of desserts, to die for! The gift?! They say that I have got the hands of my dear Mother when I cook! I am so often praised by my sister Tânia and brother David whenever I show or post a picture of the dish that I’ve prepared. I am really so fortunate to have support from family and friends!

Curious to know how Didi the Mom Chef came out?

Didi The Mom Chef was born during the quarantine, a concept created by my sister-in-law Loubna, who has relished my cuisine and has motivated me to share it with family, friends, parents, and the rest of the world. So, here I am!

I hope to be an inspiration and make some happy bellies!

Loads of crunchiness to all of you!

Diana Du-Pont Luís