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Side dishes

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Hello! Have you tasted this delight? It is the season of zucchini flowers and if you like feta cheese then you don’t lose anything by trying this recipe, on the contrary, you will thank me! The za’atar gives such a good contrast with the feta cheese. Hope you will like it! 💛  …

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Main dishes

Vegan lentil stew

Here at home, we love the lentil stew, the mushroom bourguignon… I try to input veggies as much as possible for my kids and even for us and depending on the season I try to buy different veggies as well. One tip here! Try to make this lentil stew but spice it with a good curry and eat with homemade naan or garlic buttery naan, it’s marvelous!    …

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